What is Tabernanthe Iboga?
Tabernanthe Iboga or simply “Iboga” is an eternal forest of tropical and psychedelic forest originating in West Central Africa. Iboga stimulates the central nervous system when taken in small doses and causes visions on a larger scale. In parts of Africa where the plant grows, the root of the root is chewed for different pharmacological or ritual purposes. Ibogaine, the active primary alkaloid, is also used to treat drug abuse disorders. A small amount of ibogaine, as well as precursors of ibogaine, is found in Voacanga Africana, a closely related tree.

It usually develops to T. Iboga at a height of 2 meters, finally aging and growing up to a small tree up to 10 meters in length, taking into account the good condition. It has small green leaves. The flowers are white and pink, while the fruit may be oblong oval or round shape, whether orange or orange. Yellow carrots contain a number of indole alkaloids, particularly ibogaine, found in the highest concentration in the root bastard. The root material, bitter in taste, causes anesthesia in the mouth, as well as systemic numbness on the skin.

Iboga traditionally uses
Tabernanthe Iboga is used by the Bwites of Central Africa, especially in Gabon, Cameroon and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It is used in tribute initiation rites when hunting when small amounts are used to weaken senses and increase resistance and for parties when tribes are influenced by Iboga dance and sing to join their gods, Bwiti.

Belarusian tribes tend to use much larger amounts of Iboga Rootbark which would be safe in the West, which led to death in the past. Iboga consumption, however, is considered to be normal and safe within the communities of this vast part of Africa.


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